KELAN Oldenlandia Water

Kelan Oldenlandia Water is a kind of weak alkaline beverage specially made from oldenlandia and our natural mineral water produced in Laoshan Mountain. The various extracts from oldenlandia and the rich trace elements from the mineral water mix together properly to reach a fantastic efficacy for daily drink. Long-term consumption can help to clear heat and remove toxicity, clear liver fire, maintain acid-base balance, increase immunity, improve eyesight, etc. Moreover, it can help to dispel the effects of Alcohol, making it a good accompanying beverage when drinking wine.

Nowadays, Oldenlandia Water is drawing more and more attention from mid-to-high end market, such as China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and many other Southeast Asia countries.

Nmae:KELAN Oldenlandia Water | Net weight:296ml| Specification:296ml*12
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