CHANGSHOUSHI Maifan Stone Natural Water

Maifan Stone is also called “Chang Shou Shi” (stone of longevity) in China, and known as “Stone of Health” among Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, etc. It is originally employed in medicine to treat diseases in ancient China. According to Compendium of Materia Medica written by Li Shizhen, a famous herbalist in Ming Dynasty, Maifan Stone powder can be mixed together with other herbs to make medicine. Its many benefits include regulation of acid-base balance, anti-inflammatory, detoxification and relieving pain.

As is proved, Maifan Stone contains up to more than 70% trace elements that are essential for human body. Continuous consumption of Maifan Stone water is good for health and can contribute to longevity.

Our Maifan Stone Natural Water is from the deep underground aquifer of Laoshan Mountain. So, before we pump them from the well, they are already fully mineralized by the various volcanic rocks and Maifan Stones during so long a time.

Nmae:CHANGSHOUSHI Maifan Stone Natural Water | Net weight:520ml| Specification:520ml*24
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